The Official Grub Street Review of Walmart’s Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie

Thanks to YouTuber James Wright’s viral review, Walmart’s Patti LaBelle Sweet Potato Pie has become the hottest Thanksgiving dish in America. At one point, Walmart was actually selling the pie, which retails for $3.48, at the rate of one per second, causing supplies to run out and people to scalp it on eBay at a 1,000 percent markup.

But how does this mass-produced pie actually taste? Is it worthy of the hype? To find out, Grub tasked New York’s restaurant critic, Adam Platt, and senior editor (and resident sugar fiend) Sierra Tishgart with conducting a very thorough, serious taste test.

And if this leaves you wanting to try the pie yourself, a Walmart rep tells Grub, “A new supply of pies is scheduled to hit stores across the country very soon,” and it’ll be sold well after the holiday.

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