A McDonald’s Worker May Have Exposed Thousands to Hepatitis

Not lovin' it.
Not lovin’ it. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

An upstate McDonald’s has a massive lawsuit on its hands after an employee infected with hepatitis A served customers for a full week. State health officials say the worker, who is employed at a restaurant in the town of Waterloo, did six shifts, from October 31 to November 8, while contagious, forcing more than 1,000 people to go wait in line for a free vaccine from the county. They believe the risk of contracting the disease (which can cause things like fever, jaundice, muscle pain, and vomiting for up to eight weeks) is relatively low, and hepatitis A is rarely fatal, like its cousin hep-C can be, but it’s still a nasty viral liver infection that’s not supposed to be coming gratis with Big Macs. The lawsuit seeks class-action status against the franchisee, Jascor Inc., and could mean plaintiffs numbering in the 1,000-figure range.


Hepatitis Scare at NY McDonald’s