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Whole Foods CEO Promises 365 Stores Will Have ‘Techno Buzz’

Sounds super edgy.
Sounds super edgy. Photo: Whole Foods

Whole Foods co-founder and co-CEO John Mackey is making bold statements about 365, the grocer’s forthcoming spinoff chain, promising it will meld together the best attributes of Whole Foods — asparagus water? — with those of competitors like Sprouts and Trader Joe’s into one unstoppable force of less-expensive shopping. During the Morgan Stanley Global Consumer & Retail Conference in New York, he had no problem doubling down on the cringe-worthy language he used when first announcing the “hip, cool, and tech-oriented” stores.

While the 365 chain will definitely be marketed toward millennials, Mackey says there won’t be “a card check for people to see how old they are.” Right. As for the vibes? The stores will have a “techno buzz” and a totally fun atmosphere, and it’ll definitely also be accessible, which is probably code for “it won’t cost you your Whole Paycheck.” Silver Lake is psyched.

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365 Stores Will Have ‘Techno Buzz’