In-N-Out Is Suing DoorDash Over Rogue Burger Deliveries

You're going to have to get it yourself.
You’re going to have to get it yourself. Photo: Michael Ainsworth/Dallas Morning News/Corbis

In-N-Out has sued noted 7-Eleven and Taco Bell courier DoorDash for delivering burgers to people. That’s because the burger chain repeatedly told the online service to quit. DoorDash has recently made a point of claiming to comply with such requests, but the legal filing claims the rogue deliveries have been a problem for six months.

The suit claims DoorDash did momentarily stop deliveries in April, but by June it had started offering In-N-Out as an option on the website once again. Additionally, the suit accuses DoorDash of making unauthorized use of the In-N-Out logo for that listing, giving the impression that the allegedly subpar service was all with the chain’s blessing.

In-N-Out says it sent cease-and-desist orders in July, August, and September, and that DoorDash has simply stopped responding. For its part, DoorDash released some boilerplate that plays up the company’s “innovative logistics technology” that helps “people get their favorite food delivered directly to their door.” Even, it seems, if the people who actually make that food have no interest in dealing with the company.


In-N-Out Sued DoorDash Over Rogue Deliveries