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One Way for McDonald’s to Improve Business: Sell Drugs

“Would you like to get high with that?” Photo: Fred Tanneau/AFP/Getty Images

McDonald’s earned back a smidgen of interest in its flailing brand with all-day breakfast, but let’s be honest here: The Golden Arches could use another selling point. A location in France, outside Lyon, was allegedly running a thriving drive-through marijuana business on the sly that involved eight or nine flagrant multitaskers — lower fries into vat here, roll doobies on the counter there, or something like that.

According to local paper Le Progrès, it was apparently a straightforward operation. Customers would send a text, pay at the drive-through window undetected, and leave with dime bags instead of burgers (or, hey, maybe both). One employee said, “They were cutting up the weed, weighing it, and bagging it at the salad bar.” In addition, this group was allegedly throwing late-night ragers fueled by booze and drugs inside the restaurant. More law-abiding employees eventually ratted them out to management.

Le Progrès adds that McDonald’s France conducted an investigation alongside police, but denies any actual drug dealing took place — a claim the employees who complained say is a lie being perpetuated to save the chain from bad publicity. Managers ultimately fired eight members of the crew accused of trafficking, but only for smoking marijuana on the premises and “illegal occupying” the store after hours.

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French McDonald’s Allegedly Sold Drugs