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Domino’s Decides the World Needs Yet Another Push-for-Pizza Button

Perfect for a tiny hamster pizza party.
Perfect for a tiny hamster pizza party.

Proving to be the pizza world’s greatest innovators, the minds at Domino’s have done it once again by improving upon emoji pizza ordering with a new, real button that people can jab at for pies, like hungry rats do to get food in lab experiments.

The button needs no explanation, really, because it works the same way the rest of these gimmicky devices do: People input ordering preferences, payment info, and their addresses, then by simply touching the button, purposefully or not, an order gets placed for pizza. Domino’s is electing for a slow rollout, though, so the only users at first will be the British winners of a social-media contest held in December.

And maybe this limited U.K. availability is for the best: The name Domino’s picked, the Easy Button, will sound suspiciously familiar to anyone who grew up watching a particular American office supplier’s TV ads. The rather uncomplicated device already exists in a thousand other forms, and about all it has on Amazon Dash is that it comes in a cute mini pizza box.

Although, if an Amazon Dash button can be hacked to order Domino’s, some savvy techie can probably force the Domino’s version to order one of those ham pies from Bruno — in which case, let’s get this thing Stateside.

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