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Now Burger King Wants to Serve Beer

High class.
High class. Photo: Burger King; Corbis

Having witnessed the rise of Taco Bell margaritas and Starbucks Merlot, Burger King is plotting its own entry into the fast-food boozefest. The company has applied for licenses to serve beer at four U.K. restaurants — it’s a less risky move in England, where people could order American beers between 10 a.m. and 11 p.m. It would make Burger King the first British chain to sell alcohol.

Burger King actually tried this beers-and-burgers concept once before, when it introduced upscale so-called “Whopper Bars.” Several of these outposts (like NYC’s) ran into problems, but Miami’s South Beach location actually obtained a beer license, avoided being shuttered by local health authorities, and therefore seems to have done all right. Regardless, the execution wasn’t exactly successful in the company’s eyes, and the chain suggests if this attempt — which could launch later this month — proves popular, it could mean booze at all U.K. Burger Kings, probably an omen for American stores.

And hey, Burger King recently proved its booze bona fides by mastering the intricacies of flame-grilled Whopper Wine:

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Now Burger King Wants to Serve Beer