Customers Generously Tip Waitress Who Received a Racist Receipt

Just stick to numbers, dude.
Just stick to numbers, dude.

Monetarily, at least, customers are trying to make up for the racist message a California waitress received last week instead of a tip. The server, a Thai woman who works at Bamboo Thai Bistro in L.A., received a note from a customer that read “Tip for U.S. citizens only” on his $22.84 meal, in lieu of any actual gratuity. His nasty receipt became the talk of the kitchen, and then, as these things tend to do, ended up online a few hours later.

Owner Adison Karnsomport tells NBC 4 that the team is unsure who posted the image online originally, and they would’ve preferred going without the publicity, but once the picture hit Facebook and Twitter, there wasn’t much to do but wait it out. Luckily, nice customers saw this as an opportunity to be extra generous by leaving 50 percent tips and annotating their receipts with notes like, “Sorry you had to deal with that sad man.” It looks like some people even mailed in money, simply addressed to “The Waitress That Received Nasty Tip.”

Of course, not everyone has handled their disgust in constructive ways. Internet vigilantes took the un-blurred image of the receipt to look up the man (someone named Jason Paul Naglich, per the receipt) and post his address in hopes that people would send him boxes of horse poop.

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Racist Receipt Sets Off Outpouring of Tips