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That Church’s $1,000 Tip Saved the Domino’s Driver From Eviction

He'd probably call this a godsend.
He’d probably call this a godsend.

Yesterday a lot of ink got spilled about an Ohio church that gave a Domino’s driver a $1,046 tip, but did it in a pretty embarrassing way: The order was placed strategically so delivery would fall during the pastor’s sermon, and the delivery person would have to carry the pizza onstage and serve as a participant in that Sunday’s lesson on generosity.

The church filmed the entire exchange:

Well, cynicism about the self-promotional methods aside, it looks like the woman who took the congregation’s mammoth tip really, really needed almost exactly that amount of money. She told the Washington Post that she, a single mom behind on rent because she lost a week’s pay while in the hospital with pneumonia, was nearly out of time to scrape together the cash to avoid being evicted from her home. “I was trying to come up with a way to get almost $1,000 to try and figure out how to keep my home so I didn’t lose my job,” said Natasha Boyer, an assistant manager at that Domino’s. “My prayers were literally answered in a matter of hours.”

So whatever hunch the pastor had while saying, “I don’t know what’s going on in your life,” the perfect coincidence of this whole thing had to have surprised even him.


That Church’s $1,000 Tip Saved the Domino’s Driver From Eviction