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Anthony Bourdain’s Massive 150,000-Square-Foot Market Will Open in 2017

Something like this.
Something like this. Photo: CNN

Anthony Bourdain and entrepreneur Stephen Werther will, as thought, open their highly anticipated 155,000-square-foot Bourdain Market at Pier 57 on 15th Street. Though they had previously aimed for a 2015 opening, the market is now slated to open in about two years. The good news is that it sounds every bit as ambitious as the sprawling, globe-trotting vision Bourdain had previously laid out: It will have 100 vendors, both retail and wholesale, culled from New York, the rest of the United States, and abroad.

Relatively few of those 100 have been named, but along with the previously announced Xi’an Famous Foods, Bourdain says that the Spotted Pig’s April Bloomfield and Ken Friedman have agreed to operate two prepared-food stalls. Bourdain is using his personal relationships to draw in vendors from around the world, and he’s already struck deals with an impressive group that includes old-school Sydney, Australia, butcher shop Victor Churchill; Singapore’s Geylang Claypot Rice; and Ensenada, Mexico–based tostada vendor Sabina Bandera. (Of course, getting all of those vendors into the country will require lots of visas.)

Along with butchers and fishmongers in a traditional wet market, there will be a full-service restaurant with a mezzanine overlooking the mall, though the operator has not yet been chosen. While Bourdain tells the Times he wants to create “some place where I would want to eat,” Werther describes it more excitingly for fans: “People want Tony’s shows to come to life.”


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