A North Carolina Bar Owner Kicked Out a Gay Couple for Kissing

Everyone is apparently welcome at this
Everyone is apparently welcome at this “straight bar.” Photo: Google

A small North Carolina biker bar is dealing with the consequences of ousting two men for public PDA in the year 2015. Dustin Baker’s boyfriend, Andrew Deras, was visiting last week from L.A., so the couple went to hang out and hear a band at Louie’s Sports Bar in Fayetteville. Once there, Deras says Baker put his arm around him and gave him a kiss. Then the owner, Pam Griffin, informed them that sort of stuff wasn’t “right” or “okay.” “She threatened both of us,” according to Deras. “He gave me a kiss. It was very minor. It was just a peck. It was two seconds.”

Griffin claims she got “eight or nine” complaints from other customers — mostly bikers — one of which was that things were “going to get ugly.” “I walked up to them calmly,” she says. “I asked them, ‘Guys, you know, can you kind of just separate, kind of move apart? I don’t care if you stay and drink. We don’t need to be doing that, and just calm down because you’re making people feel uncomfortable.’” At this point, Baker gave Deras another kiss, because, as he later posted on Facebook, “I’m certainly allowed to.”

The two of them paid and left, but with the incident now up on social media, threats started coming in “from coast to coast.” Griffin quickly deactivated the bar’s Facebook page, but the Yelp listing is still there, accumulating more one-star reviews like the one left by user Brandon M., who wrote: “After reading stories of your hatred and bigotry, I will now make it my job to see that your business suffers.”

Griffin is ticked because, as she keeps saying, sexual orientation had nothing to do with why they got booted. She made sure the local news knows she even called out a straight couple for their excessive PDA a few weeks ago (they cooled it, so they got to stay). “I tried to be as nice as I could,” she says. “This is a straight bar. I don’t mind who comes in — white, black, mixed, Chinese. Everybody’s welcome. But you have to respect the kind of place you’re in.”


A North Carolina Bar Owner Kicked Out a Gay Couple for Kissing