Fittingly, This Donald Trump Sandwich Is ‘Full of Bologna’

Points of self-awareness.
Points of self-awareness. Photo: American City Diner

Once again, Donald Trump’s antics have proven to be too much for a restaurant to resist capitalizing on: American City Diner in Washington, D.C., is paying tribute to the GOP front-runner with a sandwich that’s naturally “full of bologna.”

It’s got bologna piled way high. Probably too much bologna, in fact:

A bunch of bologna.
A bunch of bologna. Photo: American City Diner/Facebook

Owner Jeffrey Gildenhorn tells WJLA he appreciates Trump’s chutzpah (apparently enough to have a T-shirt that’s just Trump’s face above the Yiddish word). “I ran for office to be the mayor of D.C. in 1988,” he explains of his bid that the press called “comic relief.” “I was an outsider just like Trump is.” To properly honor the man, he says the sandwich will stick around for “as long as we have bologna.”


Fittingly, This Donald Trump Sandwich Is ‘Full of Bologna’