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Taco Bell Meth Lab Cleared to Reopen Without the Meth Lab Part

Drug-free, maybe.
Drug-free, maybe. Photo: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg/Getty Images

The fun’s been over for almost two weeks at a Taco Bell in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, after police figured out it was doubling as an “active” meth lab. The good news for meth heads who thought they’d scored the world’s best combination Taco Bell, though, is that they can at least go back to rotting their teeth on Mountain Dew Sangrita Blasts: Authorities say that the location is cleared to reopen now that there’s been some “extensive cleaning” done, plus a raft of tests determining that the “levels of meth residue in the restaurant are now below recommended levels set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency.” (The EPA recommends meth-remediation standards between 0.05 µg and 1.5 µg per 100 cm2, whatever that means.)

The employee responsible told authorities about his brilliant plan to “stay high all the time,” but besides getting charged with a few felonies, he, of course, lost his job. Taco Bell is using this incident to recommit to a no-meth-lab work environment, meaning that the franchise is retraining the staff. Rule No. 1: Show up on time for your shift. Rule No. 2: Um, don’t make meth here.


Taco Bell Meth Lab Cleared to Reopen Without the Meth Lab Part