Kellogg’s Announces Plan to Ruin Froot Loops Forever

R.I.P. Photo: Julia Ewan/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Froot Loops are not wholesome. They are not natural. Froot Loops are a sugary monstrosity of a cereal, the whole point of which is to allow consumers to eat breakfast in shades of a totally unnatural Technicolor rainbow. But now Kellogg’s, looking for a way to combat declining sales and apparently just acting on the news that au naturel is in vogue, is joining its fellow food giants in abandoning the use of artificial ingredients, colors, and preservatives.

According to the company, 75 percent of its products are already without these ingredients anyhow, and it’s already made the change to Froot Loops in Australia, resulting in a super-pale cereal that’s downright depressing. Artificial colors make Froot Loops what they are, of course. Eliminating the Day-Glo shades and replacing them with muted, “natural” (read: plant-derived) colorings is desperate, utter madness. Dig your own grave, Kellogg’s.

[Reuters via Consumerist]

Kellogg’s Announces Plan to Ruin Froot Loops Forever