Deli Drama

The Hello Deli Has Unveiled Its New ‘Colbert’ Sandwich

“The Shaffer” no longer. Photo: Nicole Levy/DNAinfo

David Letterman made Rupert Jee famous, but that didn’t stop the deli man from striking the former Late Show host’s name from his menu. This week, the owner of Midtown’s Hello Deli expunged the Letterman name from his turkey-and-ham sandwich and added insult to injury by rechristening his most popular offering “The Colbert.” Formerly named for Letterman musical director Paul Shaffer, the sandwich consists of American cheese, breaded chicken cutlet, lettuce, mayo, sweet peppers, and tomato on a hero. (Which, truth be told, sounds pretty basic for a loony guy like Colbert.)

Clearly an attempt to curry favor with the new Late Show host, Jee has reportedly been plotting this act of betrayal for more than a year, though Jee first claimed he would simply add a new sandwich to the menu. Jee says he does not know whether Colbert will invite him on the show, but he’s clearly jockeying for it. Whether Letterman has become aware of Jee’s defection to the Colbert Nation is not currently known.


The Hello Deli Has Unveiled Its New ‘Colbert’ Sandwich