World’s Most Helpful Scientists Say Pear Juice Can Prevent Hangovers

Sure! Photo: Cube/Ikon Images/Corbis

Stupid hangover “cures” run the gamut from drinking Bulletproof® coffee to defeating the alcohol by drinking more alcohol (somehow, that one always seems like it’s going to work at the time), but scientists now claim they’ve actually found a method that works, and it involves … pears.

Australia’s agency for scientific research, a group called the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, studied the fruit and say that they “stumbled upon” the fact that, in addition to having a reasonably solid number of other health benefits (like being anti-inflammatory), pear juice is surprisingly great at preventing hangovers. The trick: Drink it ahead of time. The research shows people who pre-gamed with pears “significantly reduced” their symptoms compared to a placebo group, most notably in the area of concentration. Pears give a boost to the body’s enzymes that metabolize alcohol, eliminating it faster and even preventing absorption in the first place.

Beyond their disclaimer that this is just basic preliminary research, the biggest caveat seems to be that it worked best with the juice of apple-like Asian pears, which isn’t exactly a staple at the bodega. Still, researchers say results “could be replicated” by eating whole American-grown varieties, too.


World’s Most Helpful Scientists Say Pear Juice Can Prevent Hangovers