Bad Signs

Donald Trump’s Face Miraculously Appeared in Butter

Photo: Jan Castellano

Donald Trump’s face has officially escaped cable news and begun materializing in Americans’ common-grocery items: A woman in Missouri wrote to her local news station to report that the GOP frontrunner’s visage appeared, “just staring right back at me,” in the privacy of her home.

“I’m just tired of seeing his face everywhere,” she complained to the Daily Beast. “And I open up my butter and there he is.” Castellano also told the Huffington Post that she briefly toyed with the idea of putting it on eBay for a small fortune, like one of those miraculous slices of Virgin Mary toast so she could “donate the money to Hillary Clinton,” but hunger (and therefore the Donald) won the day. “It was the only butter I had, so I had to make the sacrifice.”

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Donald Trump’s Face Miraculously Appeared in Butter