Blue Bell Is Officially Delivering Ice Cream Once Again

On the road.
On the road. Photo: Courtesy of Blue Bell

The rumors are true, Blue Bell says: Yesterday, trucks pulled off the lot at the Alabama plant, and they are filled with ice cream — half-gallon tubs of ten flavors, to be exact, if nothing’s changed with the company’s original production plans.

After getting a very satisfying all clear from health officials last week, just shy of five months after the listeria nightmare started, the company was finally able to call in 200 employees so production could resume at the Alabama plant. (About 1,200 remain on furlough, for now.)

Employees marked the occasion by cheering outside in the rain as the first trucks pulled out:

There’s still no word when the Oklahoma plant, or Blue Bell’s main plant in Brenham, Texas, will start churning ice cream again. Also, just to keep people on the edge of their seats a little longer, Blue Bell hasn’t yet said which stores are getting how much of what, or when it will be on shelves. That important bit of intel, apparently, is coming “soon.”

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Blue Bell Is Officially Delivering Ice Cream Once Again