Now KFC Is Using Fried Chicken As a Pizza Crust

Oh, come on.
Oh, come on. Photo: KFC Philippines

It certainly posed a threat of immediate cardiac arrest, but you had to give the O.G. Double Down props for being visionary. Now look at the levels of laziness KFC is stooping to: The latest thing, dubbed the “Chizza,” subs fried chicken for actual crust (hot dogs were already taken), eliminating the only complicated part of Double Down assembly — having to stack the chicken. It’s only available in the Philippines, but there’s no guarantee it will stay quarantined there. It’s one of two pizza-themed KFC releases this week, the other being pizza-“flavored” wings in Hong Kong.

KFC is calling it “the craziest thing to happen to chicken and pizza,” but really, it’s not. Domino’s has been precariously balancing pizza toppings on loosely gathered piles of boneless chicken bites for a year now.


Now KFC Is Using Fried Chicken As a Pizza Crust