Bulletproof Coffee Somehow Raised $9 Million in Funding

This again.
This again. Photo: Bulletproof Coffee

Self-proclaimed biohacker Dave Asprey’s ambitions for a national chain of questionable-sounding butter-coffee cafés unfortunately look more alive than ever. The Bulletproof® inventor has raised $9 million — yup — from Trinity Venture, a Silicon Valley venture-capital firm and early Starbucks backer. That means that while the first of these things, planned for L.A.’s Santa Monica, isn’t open yet, many more are now on their way.

Asprey had joined Trinity as an entrepreneur-in-residence, “hanging around the office and eating things and doing things that seemed weird.” This led the minds at Trinity to believe they’d found the next Howard Schultz or James Freeman. Asprey even has a line of Bullet-approved products to fill out the cold case, like something called Fat Water.

One alleged benefit of Bulletproof is an IQ boost — Asprey’s jumped by 20 points — so these zealous plans should be taken with a grain of salt: There’s a real possibility of Trinity partners yanking their funding the more they try this stuff.


Bulletproof Coffee Somehow Raised $9 Million in Funding