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This Waitress Says She Was Fired Because She Got a Mammogram

Not good.
Not good. Photo: Google

A waitress in Pennsylvania got some terrible news following a mammogram this Tuesday, though it wasn’t (thankfully) because of anything medical: The jerks in charge of her restaurant, Hickory Bar & Grille in Hermitage, Pennsylvania, allegedly fired her for going to have the procedure done in the first place. Jamie Crytzer says that her bosses were aware of the possibility of a lump, and that she’d told them not to worry because she was getting it checked out next week.

On Monday, though, the doctor’s office called to say they had a cancellation, so Crytzer says that she let her manager know she needed to slip out for an hour. Her manager allegedly replied with, “This is job abandonment.”

At work the next day, she learned she’d been fired — management felt the mammogram “was not a life-or-death situation,” so she could have waited a week, or at least until the lunch crowd died down. Their response made her start second-guessing her decision, so she did the obvious thing and asked Facebook friends if she had made a mistake. The consensus on Facebook appears to be no — because her post is now up to more than 2,700 shares. Luckily, that lump turned out to be benign, but she’s now looking for a new job.


This Waitress Says She Was Fired Because She Got a Mammogram