Waiter Who Spit in a Man’s Drink Gets Busted by a DNA Test

Beware. Photo: Lisa Kyle Young/Getty Images

Gregory Lamica, a 24-year-old server at a Chili’s location in Clay, New York, did not appreciate customers Ken and Julie Aluzzo Yerdon complaining that their food was undercooked, or that nobody brought them a basket of chips. So when the couple asked for drinks to go, Lamica left a secret parting gift in Ken’s.

Unfortunately, Ken’s lid popped off in the car, revealing floating spit. He marched back in, and in the process ran into Lamica, who denied doing anything to the drink. Ken told management, which gave him a refund and “some coupons,” but he still handed over his cup to the police as evidence.

Officers showed up at Lamica’s home a few days later and swabbed his mouth, and three months and a sizable investment of police resources later, a DNA test came back positive. Lamica confessed and accepted a $125 fine plus a year of probation, but somehow, he managed to keep working at Chili’s.

But the Yerdons won’t move forward: This week, they filed a lawsuit over the incident that not only names Lamica, but also includes that Chili’s location and the parent company, Brinker International, for failing to fire an incompetent employee.


Waiter Who Spit in a Man’s Drink Gets Busted by a DNA Test