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McDonald’s Is Going to Make Its Quarter Pounders Bigger

Even more of that delicious beef.
Even more of that delicious beef. Photo: Courtesy of McDonald’s

People who order Quarter Pounders quite logically assume they’re going to get a quarter pound of beef, the same amount the burger has come with since it debuted way back in 1972. But sometime in the next month, customers — or really perceptive ones, at least — will be in for a surprise: Figuring the burger, practically 100 now in sandwich years, needs a face-lift, McDonald’s will add more meat to it and perform a little nip-and-tuck on the tired old thing. According to CNBC, the new Quarter Pounder patty will weigh 4.25 ounces before cooking instead of just 4 ounces, and it will also have some sort of “new shape” that bears “more visible” sear marks.

Back in December, the company announced it was trimming the four Quarter Pounders on the menu down to just one, and this surgery to the lonely holdout is the latest attempt to breathe life back into really horrible sales numbers. Purportedly, this change, which includes unspecified “new assembly procedures,” results in a more moist patty and “improves” not only taste but texture and appearance, too. Currently, a Quarter Pounder’s quarter pound of meat shrinks to a paltry 2.8 ounces by the time it hits the bun, a problem this fix theoretically seeks to correct.


McDonald’s Is Going to Make Its Quarter Pounders Bigger