Outrageous Claims

KFC Needed a DNA Test to Prove Its Chicken Wasn’t Rat Meat

Under normal circumstances, if you were to serve someone fried chicken and they made some dumb comment about the thing you served actually being a fried rat, you’d point out the ignorance of the statement and then, of course, take the fried chicken back and eat it yourself, because what kind of ungrateful asshole says a thing like that, you know?

In the case of KFC, when someone last week claimed that his chicken meal actually contained some Kentucky Fried Rat, the assertion blew up the internet, presumably because people felt like, yeah, there might be a chance — however slim — that that thing actually was a fried rat. Such is the sad state of KFC and its signature product that this was even within the realm of possibility.

Even KFC’s adamant claims weren’t enough to convince the public that a photographed piece of its chicken wasn’t actually a deep-fried rodent, so the chain’s lawyers had to obtain the dubious piece of protein and send it to a third-party lab for DNA testing. The result: It is chicken. Bad, overbattered, overseasoned, dry, questionably raised, ratlike chicken.

This would never happen at Popeye’s.


KFC Needed a DNA Test to Prove Its Chicken Wasn’t Rat Meat