Kansas Waitress Tells Governor to ‘Tip the Schools,’ Not Her

Mic drop.
Mic drop. Photo: Chloe Hough/Facebook

Chloe Hough, a waitress at Boss Hawg’s in Topeka, Kansas, got a very well-timed visit this weekend from her governor, Sam Brownback. She was working her last shift ever at the barbecue joint, and after getting over the surprise of seeing the full Brownback family at her table, it apparently dawned on her that she was in a somewhat unique position.

She tells KSNT that she hurried onto Facebook to crowd-source advice on what she should say to the governor. Within nine minutes, friends were already suggesting she bring up education — a polarizing issue because of tax cuts that have depleted state funds. Hough says her little sister recently lost several special-education teachers, so she put a giant “X” through the $52.16 bill’s tip line, and off to the side wrote: “Tip the schools.”

Even better: Before her shift ended, Hough uploaded a picture of the receipt with the caption “Mic drop.”


Kansas Waitress Tells Governor to ‘Tip the Schools,’ Not Her