Prize Package

Woman Finds Small Bag of ‘High-Quality’ Cocaine in Her Granola Bar

Surprise! Photo: Cynthia Rodriguez/KENS5

When a tiny Ziplock baggie fell out of her granola-bar wrapper, Cynthia Rodriguez thought Nature Valley was “running some kind of promotion.” What’s better than winning a prize? It was a logical conclusion, considering the bag had dollar signs all over it. But upon closer inspection, Rodriguez realized the bag was filled with white powder. She called the San Antonio police, who came out to field-test it.

“Disturbingly enough, it came back positive for cocaine,” Sargent Javier Salazar says. Not just any cocaine, mind you: Rodriguez recalls two detectives sampling it, looking at each other, and going, “Oh my goodness, it’s high-quality cocaine.”

The police aren’t sure if it fell out of somebody’s pocket on the assembly line, got planted on purpose by someone who’s read too much lately about the smuggling potential of healthy starch, or what. But Nature Valley says it’s “confident this didn’t happen in our facility.”


Woman Finds Small Bag of ‘High-Quality’ Cocaine in Her Granola Bar