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8 Absolutely Outrageous Concession Foods for the 2015 Baseball Season

Nothing says “baseball season” like a $15 Bud Light and some sort of concession promising to cause a heart attack. To that end, the Wayback Burgers chain has just given Philadelphia Phillies fans a nine-patty burger seemingly based on the untruth that people can unhinge their jaws. It’s crazy, but is it the most insane? With the first MLB games starting this weekend, now seems as a good time to round up all over the bonkers snacks:

1. Wayback’s creation might actually be the healthiest of them all, if only because of the previously mentioned difficulty in eating it:

Photo: @Phillies

2. Another new contender out this week is the so-called Heart Attack Burger, an item served with refreshing honesty by the Minor League Kane County Cougars in Illinois. It’s a half-pounder topped with a fried egg, Cheddar, bacon, bacon mayonnaise, and grilled cheeses as the bun:

Photo: @KCCougars

3. The minors have something to prove this year — the Wilmington BlueRocks looked to Dunkin’ Donuts to create the Sweenie Donut Dog, which is what happens when the chain gets ahold of a hot dog:

Photo: @WilmBlueRocks

4. Atlanta Braves fans can look forward to this monster:

Photo: ESPN Wide World of Sports

5. Here’s yet another hot dog: the Arizona Diamondbacks’ Churro Dog. It’s a churro placed inside a doughnut, and topped with ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel, and whipped cream:

Photo: @Dbacks

6. Nachos — the messiest, gooiest concession food, right? No, because now they come “on a stick.” The taco meat is fried, of course, and, thankfully, the item has a Doritos-based crust:

Photo: Delaware North

7. The $19 “College Daze” Bloody Mary is available at Minnesota Twins games:

Photo: Kent Hrbek

8. And finally: the S’mOreo. It’s enjoyed in conjunction with several of the other crazy deep-fried foods available at the Texas Rangers’ “Texas Fare” stand:

Photo: Delaware North

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8 Absolutely Outrageous Concession Foods for the 2015 Baseball Season