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The End of Winnie’s: Saying Good-bye to Chinatown’s Eccentric, Excellent Karaoke Dive

New York City’s residents have, in the last few years, been forced to watch a number of iconic spots pack it in, owing to rising rents, changing demographics, and — sometimes — owners who just need a break. Even still, the news that Winnie’s Bar & Restaurant will shutter at the end of this month is particularly tough to take. At some point, it seems, everyone has ended up there, drinking too much of the place’s sweet, surprisingly strong Hawaiian punch and wondering when their song would finally be cued up on the bar’s ancient laser-disc-based karaoke setup. To say farewell, and to see how guests were taking the news, Grub Street stopped in recently with a camera in tow.

Farewell to Legendary Karaoke Bar Winnie’s