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Is McDonald’s Really About to Add Kale to Its Menu?

It's all happening.
It’s all happening. Photo: Kelly Chiello and Photo by Shutterstock

It was just last week that McDonald’s pledged to remove antibiotics used to treat humans from its McNuggets, so it’s a truly drastic step that the chain is now planning to incorporate kale into its U.S. menu. Details are scarce, but according to one report, the chain “is planning to add kale as an ingredient in a to-be-named product at some restaurants later this year.” A McDonald’s spokeswoman wouldn’t confirm or deny the kale rumors — but it makes sense that McKale would be in the works: The company is in the midst of a major identity crisis and is striving to appeal to health-conscious consumers.

While McDonald’s could easily swap in kale for the measly lettuce on its sandwiches, it’ll probably reveal something else entirely. It might even be unhealthy. Are you ready for Filet-O-Kale? What about a Kale McMuffin? Kale fries? A McCafé Shamrock Shake that’s blended with kale?


Is McDonald’s Really About to Add Kale to Its Menu?