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Japan’s 14-Layer ‘Tokyo Tower’ Burgers Actually Look Pretty Good in Real Life

Photo: Courtesy of MOS Burger

Yesterday our necks were craning a little and our jaws went a little slack at the prospect of tackling new 14-layer burgers from Japan’s MOS Burger, which the chain made to promote a new store at the bottom of Tokyo Tower. Well, the location’s grand opening was today, and it looks like people jumped at the limited-time opportunity to order the gonzo sandwich. But here’s the big twist: Unlike, say, Burger King’s real-world version of those black burgers, these aren’t absolutely horrifying IRL.

Mos Burger debuts 14-layer sandwich at Tokyo Tower— Tokyo Reporter (@tokyoreporter) March 13, 2015

モスの「東京タワーバーガー」が想像以上のクオリティだった–新名物になるかも!? #東京タワーバーガー #モスバーガー #東京タワー— えん食べ (@entabejp) March 13, 2015

食べると決めた公約通りモスバーガーの東京タワーバーガー実食!!— 元ALLBLUE 伝説の第2章 (@BAR_ALL_BLUE) March 13, 2015

今日3/13オープンのモスバーガー東京タワー店限定メニュー、東京タワーバーガー&東京タワーチーズバーガーを無理やり立ててiPhone5sとサイズ比較してみた。思ったよりも低いね?— 初音たねぽ (@hachune_miku) March 13, 2015

東京タワーにモスできた! 早速東京タワーバーガー食べるぜ!— ぇる (@erush0211) March 13, 2015

Japan’s 14-Layer ‘Tokyo Tower’ Burgers Actually Look Pretty