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Anonymous Indiana Restaurateur Admits to Discriminating Against LGBT Customers

But only to certain customers.
But only to certain customers. Photo: Shutterstock

Indiana’s new Religious Freedom Restoration Act that lets businesses refuse service to LGBT customers has been denounced by both Hillary Clinton and Miley Cyrus, but one Hoosier state restaurant owner says it’s not a big deal, really. His proof appears to be that it’s more or less a continuation of a practice in place at his restaurant for some time.

The man called into RadioNOW 100.9’s “Kyle & Rachel” show to support the law, identifying himself only as “Ryan,” a Christian who’s anti–”Adam and Steve,” but who also refused to give his restaurant’s name. The hosts ask Ryan if he’s ever discriminated against gay people before, and he answers, “I have discriminated.”

I have … said that something was broken in the kitchen so that I couldn’t serve them. … I was pretty much done for the evening, and everybody was eating in the restaurant, and then these people came in later. And instead of me just making them more food, I just told them the band was broken, and they left. So I have discriminated against them before.”

The owner says that while he understands people are free to do what they want, he also feels okay doing this “because it’s my place of business, I pay the rent, I’ve built it with all my money and my doing.” Gays and lesbians, meanwhile, “can have their lifestyle and do their own thing in their own place or with people that want to be with them.”

“Don’t you believe in equality too, Ryan?” one of the hosts then asks. Ryan responds:

Yes, I do, but not in my business where I make money and put food on my table for my family. … If a couple comes into my place of business and it makes other people leave my place of business, well, then I’m losing more money from the people leaving than the people coming in.

Since the owner never identifies himself or his business, it’s difficult to know just how legit this is, but it’s safe to say this nevertheless won’t help Governor Mike Pence defend the law in future Sunday talk-show interviews. Here’s the audio from the appearance:


Anonymous Indiana Restaurateur Admits to Discriminating Against LGBT Customers