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Will Whole Foods Enter the Legal-Weed Business?

Anything could happen.
Anything could happen.

One analyst believes that if marijuana gets legalized nationwide, the market for gourmet cannabis goods could become even more profitable than the $33.1 billion organic-food industry. The study says that last year, in just Colorado and Washington, Americans spent $370 million on cannabis products — and if new markets come into play, there’s potential for the annual spending to reach $10.8 billion by 2019.

That’s a whole lot of money, so can you imagine how much Whole Foods could make if it started selling weed kale chips? Chia-seed pot parfaits? Apparently, Whole Foods CEO John Mackey has said he’d consider launching a gourmet-cannabis aisle in his stores, as long as local communities approved.

But it’s really Trader Joe’s that needs to tap into this market: Speculoos Cookie Butter, Cat Cookies for People, and Triple Ginger Snaps would be that much more popular if laced with drugs. (This sounds like an operation for Pirate Joe.)

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Whole Foods to Enter Legal-Weed Business?