Random Acts of Wineness

A Millionaire Calling Herself ‘Secret Somm’ Randomly Gives California Diners Free Wine

Photo: Owen Franken/Corbis

Described only as someone who “made millions in the tech industry,” a mysterious benefactor who tweets as “Secret Somm” is showing up at Bay Area restaurants and surprising lucky diners with free bottles of wine. Local media report she’s been at it since January, working at a rate of about ten restaurants a week; apparently she drops hints about that evening’s whereabouts, arrives by chauffeured car, then starts doling out vino.

Find me in @DTPleasanton @VisitTriValley at a place that shares the name of a varietal that pairs well with fava beans. #wine #comefindme— SecretSommCA (@SecretSommCA) January 10, 2015

Rumor is she plans to end the giveaway after Valentine’s, although she said that would happen at the end of January. So far, her total has surpassed 75 bottles worth more than $4,000. Restaurants say she won’t let them comp bottles, and diners have tried to repay in kind with bottles of their own, but she insists they just thank her on Twitter:

Like a secret Santa, but better! Thanks & cheers @SecretSommCA @lastonepicked @OasisGrill pic.twitter.com/sqqCR5Eq2Y— Lainie (@TheeLainie) January 18, 2015

A bottle of @ConcannonVine #Chardonnay for a lucky couple in @DublinPIO @VisitTriValley pic.twitter.com/WKFaQJzHMT— SecretSommCA (@SecretSommCA) February 1, 2015

Some #CabernetSauvignon fr @ConcannonVine to pair w/ tasty #kabobs at DeAfghanan in @CityofLivermore @VisitTriValley pic.twitter.com/GuTa4Erkd4— SecretSommCA (@SecretSommCA) February 8, 2015

It’s raining, Cellar Door is pouring! Oh what a night in @PleasantonDT @VisitTriValley pic.twitter.com/HTETHsNXZN— SecretSommCA (@SecretSommCA) February 7, 2015

Whoever she is, she’s a big local wine booster. She tells ABC the idea was partly to drum up business for the Tri-Valley wine region, so being the secret Santa of Chardonnay was “something that married my love of this wine country” with a way to “make people smile.”


A Millionaire Calling Herself ‘Secret Somm’ Randomly Gives