First Look at the Camlin, Serving Up Bourbon-Braised Lasagna in Williamsburg

Boozy lasagna.
Boozy lasagna. Photo: Melissa Hom

Mandy Oser and Amorette Casaus — the team behind Ardesia in Hell’s Kitchen — have opened a restaurant in Brooklyn. It’s an ideal neighborhood spot: over 100 bottles of wine (a selection that favors domestic wines from up-and-coming regions of the U.S.), a sleek space, and simple, satisfying food.

No dish costs more than $18, and the menu’s packed with comfort foods that are perfect for a snow day — braised short ribs with warm polenta, chorizo croquettes, and an ice-cream sandwich made with Oddfellows ice cream. Plus: 15 different fancy cheeses, four varieties of oysters, and plenty of charcuterie. As for the lasagna, it’s comprised of house-made pasta and quail that’s pan-seared, deglazed with bourbon, and then braised until super tender. Here’s a look at the space and a few of the other dishes:

Grilled jerk wings.
Grilled jerk wings. Photo: Melissa Hom
The space.
The space. Photo: Melissa Hom
Lamb skewers with harissa-yogurt sauce,
Lamb skewers with harissa-yogurt sauce, Photo: Melissa Hom
It seats 60.
It seats 60. Photo: Melissa Hom

Food [PDF]

Wine [PDF]

The Camlin, 175 Kent Ave., 718-384-4100

First Look at the Camlin