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Starbucks Will Offer Valentine’s ‘Pairings’ This Friday

Sounds so intimate.
Sounds so intimate. Photo: Starbucks/Twitter

Tomorrow, your favorite on-every-corner coffee shop will take part in some seasonally appropriate mood-setting and launch the “world’s largest Starbucks date,” which sounds like a kind of pre-Valentine’s warm-up. Lovebirds who show up after 2 p.m. can even select from three $5 “pairings” — a French press for two of Caffè Verona with a brownie, a tall flat white and a chocolate croissant, or a grande mocha (raspberry or white chocolate) with a heart sugar cookie. Maybe with two straws and some creativity, you can even make all three options shareable?

What kind of people go on a Starbucks-pairings date? Well, according to the promo video below, people of every age, nationality, and ethnicity, of course. All they have in common is a love for one another and a taste for so-so chain coffee:

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Starbucks Will Offer Valentine’s ‘Pairings’ This Friday