The World Gets Its First Glimpse of S’mores-Flavored Oreos

Have s'more Oreo flavors.
Have s’more Oreo flavors. Photo: Michael C DeSouza/Twitter

Red Velvet Oreos have only just appeared and already Oreo is apparently prepping another flavor bombshell. It’s impossible to say whether this was Mondelez-sanctioned or a rogue action, but an employee at the company named Michael DeSouza tweeted a photo of the bag to ESPN’s Darren Rovell all the same.

“Coming soon to a grocery store near you,” he teased. When Rovell shot back with “legit?” DeSouza answered by flipping over the bag and tweeting the package’s brand seal. The bag promises something resembling a deconstructed version of the gooey campfire treat: a graham-flavored wafer outside surrounding two creme layers — one chocolate-flavored and one marshmallow-flavored, with the ‘mallow half on top, naturally.

@robbyballgame @darrenrovell look it up.— Michael C DeSouza (@michael_desouza) January 31, 2015

They’re for real, maybe, but there are still plenty of lingering questions: When will they be available? Why did the announcement come in the form of a clandestine-looking Twitter exchange? And why on earth didn’t Nabisco call these things S’moreos?

[@michael_desouza/Twitter via FWF]

The World Gets Its First Glimpse of S’mores-Flavored Oreos