Man Blames Nutella Jar for Horrible House Fire

Beware. Photo: Nutella

The famed hazelnut-chocolate spread seems to attract drama everywhere it goes: Just last week, someone got busted trying to smuggle $150,000 inside Nutella jars; French parents stirred controversy by trying to name their daughter Nutella; and there’s a very shady Nutella shop (now called NuteriaNY) in Park Slope.

But the most recent event is horribly tragic: A London family says that after a glass Nutella jar magnified the sun’s rays, it started a fire that wrecked their house and killed their dog. Apparently, these types of fires aren’t even that rare — so make sure to keep glass items away from the windows, or eat all of your Nutella in one sitting and then throw away the evidence.

[GetWestLondon via NYP]

Man Blames Nutella Jar for Horrible House Fire