New Yorkers Mourn the Loss of Winnie’s

Pour one out.
Pour one out. Photo: Jed Egan

This morning, news broke that Winnie’s, the 28-year-old Chinatown bar with arguably the best karaoke in the city, will shutter at the end of March. People are horrified, of course, and it stings even more because it’s become a pattern for New York institutions to close in this fashion. Over on Twitter, Winnie’s devotees voiced their outrage and sadness, and also shared some (drunken) memories. Here are the highlights:

Over the years, I’ve had two different friends on two separate occasions knock themselves unconscious doing karaoke at Winnie’s. #NYC— Michael Dolan (@EvilPRGuy) February 24, 2015

oh my god if they put a juice bar in the Winnie’s space i will go to Turks and Caicos and never come back— Amanda Mull (@amandamull) February 24, 2015

No god no please no not Winnie’s god no why is NYC so terrible I hate this fucking town— Go Down Death (@Godowndeath) February 24, 2015

You don’t have to go home but you can’t sing here RT: @brigidbergin : Winnie’s in Chinatown…may close next month— John Carney (@carney) February 24, 2015

I have so many great memories at Winnie’s, some hazier than others. This is a huge bummer.— Ruth Graham (@publicroad) February 24, 2015

Classic Chinatown Dive Winnie’s Is Closing NO NO NO NO NOOOOOO— Chiara Atik (@ChiaraAtik) February 24, 2015

let’s all go sing sad karaoke songs:— leonor mamanna (@leonorjr) February 24, 2015

[cries a river of tears into her white wine spritzer]— Kate Dries (@TheSSKate) February 24, 2015

@aaronshortstory @grynbaum I probably would not have my current job if it weren’t for a karaoke night at Winnie’s.— Jillian Jorgensen (@Jill_Jorgensen) February 24, 2015

NEW YORK IS DEAD, RIP WINNIE’S, I’M DONE WITH THIS PLACE.— Kirsten Stamn (@kestamn) February 24, 2015

NOOOOO where will all the laserdiscs go???!! :-( RT @margareteby why WHY why WHY why WHY …— Schuyler Velasco (@Schuyler_V) February 24, 2015

NOOOOOOOO RT @rachsyme ugh new york stop cannibalizing your best places be COOL … …— Francis Lam (@Francis_Lam) February 24, 2015

RIP and godspeed to Winnie’s. I behaved very badly in that bar on multiple occasions and I love it to death.— Baxter Holland (@MathRawk) February 24, 2015

I HAVE NEVER BEEN MORE UPSET ABOUT A PLACE CLOSING— alix (@alixmcalpine) February 24, 2015

May I please have the karaoke video discs after you turn Winnie’s into a bubble tea spa? #VanishingNewYork— Ted (@tedshumaker) February 24, 2015

“NEW YORK IS OVER.” “LOVE IS A LIE.” “LIFE IS A RUSE.” “GOD IS DEAD.” @SoftBodiedFauna & I yell, at full volume, because WINNIE’S IS CLOSING— Anneliese Cooper (@DawnDavenport) February 24, 2015

we have a month to go to Winnie’s and sing “This Used To Be My Playground” (via @jfeldmar)— Emily Gould (@EmilyGould) February 24, 2015

In the words of @margareteby, “Goodbye last reason to ever go into Manhattan on a weekend.”— kristin iversen (@kmiversen) February 24, 2015

Also, my feelings about Winnie’s closing:— Paige West (@PaigeWestNYC) February 24, 2015

New Yorkers Mourn the Loss of Winnie’s