Peak Toast

Introducing Avocado-Ice-Cream Toast, the Ultimate Instagram Trophy Dish

Instagram gold.
Instagram gold. Photo: Courtesy of Morgenstern’s

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream is collaborating with Brutal magazine on a breakfast menu, to be served at the parlor every day through the end of February. This is no standard breakfast-sandwich situation: The menu includes salt-and-pepper bread pudding with housemade cultured yogurt, a breakfast sundae that includes apricot sorbet and toasted black sesame, a cardamom breakfast porridge, and, notably, avocado toast made with avocado ice cream.

Owner Nicholas Morgenstern is well aware that the avocado-toast trend has reached peak saturation point: “Enough already!” he says. “Gitane used to have a lock on it, but now it’s on every single menu!” This is his tongue-in-cheek way of putting a stop to the madness — and he’s even calling it, “Chill Out Dude, It’s Just Avocado Toast.” The dish is comprised of toasted Japanese white bread, avocado ice cream, a drizzle of Spanish olive oil, condensed milk, sea salt, and black pepper.

News about the item trickled out this weekend over social media, because of course. But if you’re going to eat — or, rather, Instagram — one last avocado toast, this is a good way to hoard “likes” and say good-bye. Plus: Proceeds from each dish go toward funding Brutal’s second issue — and it’s a pretty awesome indie food magazine. Just make sure to arrive at Morgenstern’s between 8 a.m. and noon, when breakfast service ends, or else you’ll be forced to post yet another photo of a King Kong Banana Split, and that would be so embarrassing.

Morgenstern’s Avocado-Ice-Cream Toast