GQ Selects Shuko and Santina for ‘25 Most Outstanding Restaurants of 2015’

Momofuku Ko ranked No. 3.
Momofuku Ko ranked No. 3. Photo: Melissa Hom

Food critic Alan Richman has released his annual list of his favorite restaurants around the country. Interestingly, this year’s top five includes two places in Washington, D.C.: Rose’s Luxury — which also topped Bon Appétit’s “Hot 10” list — and Fiola Mare. Portland, Oregon, is also heavily represented, with three restaurants on Richman’s lineup — the same number as New York City. Here, Richman opted for buzzy new spots: Momofuku Ko, Shuko, and Santina, writing of the later, “The wines are irresistibly priced, the blue crab is artfully entwined with pasta, and the chickpea pancakes are the bar food of the century.” Here’s the full list:

1. Rose’s Luxury (Washington, D.C.)
2. Langbaan (Portland, O.R.)
3. Momofuku Ko (New York City)
4. Fiola Mare (Washington, D.C.)
5. Pax Americana (Houston)
6. Kin Khao (San Francisco)
7. Shuko (New York City)
8. Laurel (Philadelphia)
9. Alimento (Los Angeles)
10. Killen’s Barbecue (Houston)
11. Lusca (Atlanta)
12. Dai Due (Austin)
13. Ataula (Portland, O.R.)
14. smoke.oil.salt (Los Angeles)
15. Santina (New York City)
16. Spice to Table (Atlanta)
17. mfk. (Chicago)
18. St. Philip Bakeshop (Austin)
19. Kachka (Portland, O.R.)
20. Ananda (Fulton, M.D.)
21. Sarma (Somerville, M.A.)
22. Trove (Seattle)
23. Pink Zebra (San Francisco)
24. Lo Spiedo (Philadelphia)
25. Shi Hai (Alhambra, C.A.)


GQ’s ‘Most Outstanding Restaurants’