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Watch Two Funny Ladies Poke Fun at ‘Ethical Eating’

The Katering Show,” a new comedy web series from the creators of “Bleak,” does a great job at mocking the ridiculousness of the food world. Kate McLennan plays the worst kind of “foodie,” while her best friend, Kate McCartney, has every food allergy imaginable.

The series touches on topics like quitting sugar, idolizing domestic goddesses on Instagram, obsessing over a blender, and creating food porn. (As McLennan says, “These days, food isn’t about how it tastes. It’s about impressing people on social media with how it looks. Fuck how it tastes!”)

In this episode, McLennan and McCartney tour a farmers’ market and attempt to “get back to basics.” Hilarity ensues — check it out:

Poking Fun at ‘Ethical Eating’