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Fresh Off the Boat Looks Like a Hit

The faux Eddie, in ABC's new sitcom.
The faux Eddie, in ABC’s new sitcom. Photo: Michael Ansell/ABC

The latest evidence that it’s foolish to bet against Eddie Huang: The sitcom based on Huang’s Fresh Off the Boat memoir had a two-episode debut on ABC last night, and things are already looking very good:

In real terms, that translates to almost 8 million viewers for the first episode, and roughly 7.5 million for the second, some of whom perhaps tuned in just to see why Huang has been on such a media tear lately. However, in addition to the solid reviews and good news on the ratings front, the reaction on social media was, by and large, resoundingly positive:

Oh man. I did not like #FRESHOFFTHEBOAT. I loved it. I’m so relieved. Please, guys. Please watch it. It’s so good.— Geoff LaTulippe (@DrGMLaTulippe) February 5, 2015

Loved #FreshOffTheBoat SO MUCH! Can’t wait to see more!— Kristen Schaal (@kristenschaaled) February 5, 2015

#FreshOfftheBoat is the new Linsanity.— ANDREW FUNG (@andrewjfung) February 5, 2015

If #FreshOffTheBoat was a drinking game where I drank everytime I could relate to something (or laughed) I’d be WASTED— Goh Nakamura (@gohnakamura) February 5, 2015

@moryan Watched fresh off the boat on your recommendation and so pleased I did. Best 1st episode of a comedy for a long long time.— Luke TheCustardTV (@LukeCustardtv) February 5, 2015

Fresh Off the Boat Looks Like a Hit