The Internet Avenged a Cruelly Pranked Pizza Guy in the Best Possible Way

Reenactment. Photo: Shutterstock

Internet vigilantes are avenging a delivery guy who got cruelly stiffed and humiliated by a group of guys at a car dealership. The F&R; Auto Sales team in Westport, Massachusetts, allegedly gave Palace Pizza’s Jarrid Tansey $50 — two twenties and two fives — for their $42 pizza order, and Tansey verified he was getting a 20 or so percent tip before leaving. Dealership workers called Tansey’s manager after he left and demanded he drive back, however, with their “change.” What fun.

By now the deliveryman was confused — “It just doesn’t make sense why you’d hand me a bill that you were just gonna have me drive back here to give you back anyway” — but the auto dealers kept the routine going for a few minutes, even demanding Tansey be fired and threatening him with violence. Then they apparently uploaded the hilarious “prank” to YouTube.

The dealership quickly made the clip private, but not before some digital gumshoe re-posted it to LiveLeak. It’s since been deleted, but angry people have flooded the dealer’s Facebook page and Yelp listing, which has had about 800 brand-new one-star reviews in the last day. On the more productive/less punitive side, another woman set up a GoFundMe page to compensate Tansey for “having to deal with idiots like this,” and it’s just a few dollars shy of its $3,000 goal.

“This isn’t the first time we have had problems with F&R; Auto,” Pizza Palace’s manager Adam Willoughby admitted to, adding that he doesn’t want any “bad blood.” The car salesmen say they’ve asked the police to investigate the “ongoing harassment” they’ve faced since the incident went wide. Somewhere in all of this, we hope, is a moral to tip delivery-people extra well.

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The Internet Avenged a Cruelly Pranked Pizza Guy in the Best Possible Way