McDonald’s Halts McNugget Sales in Japan

We'll always have tofu.
We’ll always have tofu. Photo: Shutterstock

Just as it seemed that the fast-food chain’s outlets in Japan were finally moving past that tainted meat scandal and the subsequent, crippling French fry shortage comes a new and unfortunate bit of news: A fleck of vinyl was found in one McNugget hailing from a production facility in Thailand, so now sales have been suspended countrywide.

The investigation is just beginning, reps say, and the announcement came just a few days after McDonald's rolled out its brand-new "unapologetic" campaign, which champions the alleged purity of menu items like the Big Mac.

“No kale, soy or quinoa here,” it says, touting its ingredient list. Comments have been disabled for the chain’s video, perhaps because otherwise someone would invariably append ” … just gnarly little bits of plastic!” beneath it.


McDonald’s Halts McNugget Sales in Japan