Blast From The Past

There Are Still Two McDonald’s That Serve McPizza From the ’90s

Ah, fresh '90s nostalgia.
Ah, fresh ‘90s nostalgia.

Domino’s was still killing it with the Noid in the ‘90s when McDonald’s rolled out McPizzas to get in on “the dinnertime business.” The fast-food chain made clever signs by tipping Golden Arches sideways into serviceable Zs, and Pizza Hut’s copywriters predicted, “Every place you see a McDonald’s pizza, you’re going to see a war.” Formidable as all that seemed, that war never came and McPizza became a nostalgic slice for countless millennials, which is why it’s insane that two locations owned by a guy along the Ohio–West Virginia border are still cranking out the “pizza you won’t believa.”

Two decades ago, the chain’s “patented” ovens needed five and a half minutes to bake pizzas — time-consuming McPizzas were the the McWraps of their day — so most were gone by 2000. It’s not clear where Greg Mills’s locations in the very small towns of Pomeroy, Ohio, and Spencer, West Virginia, are getting their raw materials for the discontinued menu items, but mysteriously, they’re still selling. Judy Norman, an employee who’s been at the West Virginia spot for 11 years, tells “it’s the same pizza as they sold when she started there 11 years ago and it’s presumably the same that children everywhere enjoyed throughout the 1990s.” In other words, there may be a way to tap into all that nostalgia, but that doesn’t mean it’s not freezer-burnt.


There Are Still Two McDonald’s That Serve McPizza From the ’90s