Man Enjoying a Quarter Pounder Gets Ticketed for ‘Eating While Driving’

Call a cab, buddy.
Call a cab, buddy. Photo: Don Mason/Corbis

Madison Turner, a visitor from Alabama who stopped by a suburban Atlanta McDonald’s as he passed through Cobb County on a road trip, says he was pulled over and ticketed for driving under the influence of hamburgers, so to speak. Turner says that his double Quarter Pounder prompted the encounter with a Cobb County policeman, didn’t say he had a taillight out or was speeding but rather that he was in violation of Georgia’s distracted-driving law. According to WSB-TV, the officer told Turner his infraction was that he’d been eating his Quarter Pounder for two miles: “He said specifically three times, ‘You can’t just go down the road eating a hamburger,’” said Turner.

Under the remarks, the officer put: “Eating while driving.”

Unsure what to make of this, the news channel asked legal minds what other foods they thought could merit a ticket. “Maybe if you had a giant pizza in both hands,” one said. “Or maybe if you had a watermelon, half watermelon, and you were just diving into it, holding it with both hands.”

Turner has a February 3 court date, which is presumably enough time for the finest legal minds of this generation to come up with an adequate French fry defense.


Man Enjoying a Quarter Pounder Gets Ticketed for ‘Eating While