The ‘Ramlet’ Is David Chang’s Spectacular Ramen-Omelette Hybrid

As if to bookend the day, which of course began with Peter Meehan’s excellent, marathon Grub Street Diet, here now is a Lucky Peach video that features none other than Momofuku baron David Chang whipping up a “ramlet,” a surprisingly traditional-looking omelette flavored with a seasoning packet from a cup of instant ramen. It’s safe to say that this noodle-less, scrambled-egg stuffed thing isn’t going on a Momofuku menu anytime soon, though. “Making stupid shit with instant ramen doesn’t mean you sell it to the public,” the chef writes on Twitter, reflecting a stance on noodles he stated so strongly earlier this week.

The ‘Ramlet’ Is David Chang’s Spectacular Ramen-Omelette