Barbaric Yelp

The Restaurant That ‘Buys’ One-Star Yelp Reviews Now Offers 50 Percent Off

How low can they go?
How low can they go? Photo: Botto Bistro

The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in San Francisco recently ruled that Yelp’s ability to manipulate ratings on its site is perfectly fine, so in retaliation, the restaurant that sought to overthrow the social network by rewarding one-star reviews with 25 percent off the bill has now gone even more ballistic. Davide Cerretini and Michele Massimo are now offering half-off all pizzas to any customers who emphatically hate them on Yelp, as it were.

The owners say the site has bent over backward since the fall to remove the 2,100 errant, misleading reviews, while the ones that are still standing (and are dubious) call out everything from the “black and totally inedible” slices to the “pretend Italians” cooking the menu. And just in case you weren’t feeling complicit in what is essentially an oddball bribery scheme, Cerretini and Massimo lay out some alternatives in a very, very long sidebar. “[W]e walk your dog,” they write, “we wash your car, we water your garden, we buy your groceries and we pay your rent and take you to Disneyland.”


The Restaurant That ‘Buys’ One-Star Yelp Reviews Now Offers 50