That Awesome Pizza Bed Has a Kickstarter Now

Cheesy dreams.
Cheesy dreams. Photo: Claire Mangeniello

You’ve probably seen, during the course of the last few months on Twitter or Facebook, this beautiful mock-up of a bed that looks exactly like a delicious pizza. It’s got a red-sauced flat sheet, a pepperoni and cheese duvet cover, and some crusty pillowcases. It also happens to not exist in real life, being the creation of Brooklyn-based artist Claire Manganiello, who says the rendering came about after she and a friend were talking about “how nice it would be to be able to crawl under the cheese layer on a piece of pizza and then eat your way out.”

Perhaps because everyone has felt this exact thing at one time or another during their lives, and also because Katy Perry and Cara Delevingne and people like that are on the cheesecore vanguard, Manganiello is now in the midst of raising $125,000 on Kickstarter, and the sheets are going for $100, $125, and $150 for early backers, depending on bed size, of course. It may not be edible, but Managaniello says she expects to ship orders in pizza boxes.


That Awesome Pizza Bed Has a Kickstarter Now