A Paleo Chef Has Been Accused of Deleting Anti-Paleo Facebook Posts

Into the frying pan.
Into the frying pan. Photo: Chef Pete Evans/Facebook

A concerned group of citizens started a Facebook page in protest of Pete Evans after it got out that the Australian celebrity chef was scrubbing critical messages posted to his official Facebook page. Evans is a well-known TV personality — he’s often compared to Jamie Oliver — with hundreds of thousands of followers. He recently took up the cause of the so-called Paleo lifestyle, advocating the meat-, nut-, and vegetable-heavy diet. That’s him, posing barefoot in chef’s whites on the cover of his new cookbook, next to a silhouette of a saber tooth tiger, and he’s even got a line of snazzy “Paleo is the new black” T-shirts.

The problem, critics say, isn’t necessarily Evans’s support of the diet, but his crusader-type statements condemning a lot of things that Paleo people don’t eat, meaning grains, dairy, and sugar. Earlier this fall, Evans directed his followers to sign a petition that was critical of the Australian National Heart Foundation, which listed a cereal and a pineapple pizza as heart-healthy. Another recent post about “the harm grains cause” elicited a number of responses from dieticians and scientists, all of whom were subsequently blacklisted by Evans or reps who control his social-media accounts. The Facebook page “Blocked by Pete,” has been started as a kind of clearinghouse for dissent. It’s garnered over 2,000 likes since Tuesday.


A Paleo Chef Has Been Accused of Deleting Anti-Paleo Facebook Posts